Awaken my Walking Dead!

The News has always played a big part in our lives and in our history.  It has informed us of the terrible, to the incredible.  However, the news has played a big part in portraying people doing worthy things for causes( #this, dump this on my head for that), when actually, all we are doing is patting ourselves on the back for letting something enter our consciousness for a short period of time.

We mean well.  But in most cases we have actually done nothing, and this has made us feel further helpless in an age where trying to change the world for good is a scary and confusing place; with enemies like Assad who we have been told is bad, but now is someone we are helping to keep in power by fighting The Islamic State.

The problem we have is we have been given a world view by the news that is simplified into good and evil.  But there is more to the picture then we have been given.  There are historical problems, religious and ethnic problems which confuse issues more than Good and Evil.

We need to ignore this narrative in the media and teach ourselves more about an issue when it arises.  Maybe look at a short history book of the region or illness being championed, or whatever the problem is.  Educate yourself a little.  This way you can understand more of what is happening.  Like having a jigsaw and understanding more of the picture by putting in a little effort.

If we don’t ignore this narrative the media portrays, I think it will help to continue and evolve this unattached, disillusioned and impotent feeling we have toward the problems in the world.  Because when we trust our knowledge from a source that has simplified a complex problem, to good and bad, the results are as evil as the Islamic State.

Walter Liisberg