Anti Feminist, is not Anti Woman

This is a short on a statement I made in a previous blog about feminist attacks on Kaely Cuoco-Sweeting.

I am not anti woman.  But I think the issue is a lot more complex than rights for one and the other.  I also wish to say I am anti MRA as well, but not anti male.  The reason I say I am anti these things, is because if these two were really for the rights of both, wouldn’t they be working together?

Instead, there is constant fighting and arguing over statistical data and how it is represented, or inflated.  Meanwhile, oppression to men and women in other countries around the world continues.  To me this does not sound like a couple of groups who have my interest at heart.

Right now I consider myself a gender egalitarian.  But I believe only in equal rights.  To think men and women are exactly the same is a down right negligence to look at what is in front of you and one should be shamed for the absurdity.  Biologically we differ and we should not oppress one or the other over biology.  Men are physically stronger generally, and women have stronger immune systems and live longer.  Should we start averaging out the age that men die and cull all women and men higher than that age because it is unfair to men generally?  Or maybe give hormones and steroids to women so they can be just as strong?  No.  Because this would be ridiculous.  Yet attacks on our bodies and separate sub cultures happen every day by these groups, not understanding acceptance and tolerance are not the same thing and we should be a tolerant society, not an accepting one, that is fascism.

I am tired of articles and news programs telling us nebulous facts, on who is being under represented the most and where. What I would like to see, is these groups evolve into an entity that can look at the problems and theories together, objectively and logically and then record and report their findings with empirical data.  Then as a society we can dispel the myths and work on the injustices.

Walter Liisberg


I tried…. I tried

So, in this blog I wanted to talk and bring topics to the table from all aspect of the political and social spectrum and educate people on myths and history.  Yet, a topic keeps appearing with such vile contempt day after day it’s hard to ignore. It’s one I planned addressing in time and would no doubt have more than one post, but now I feel I must actually dedicate part of this blog to fighting against this new tirade of bullying in the media.  The word was even polled to be banned this year, and was winning by a  majority, however, it was bullied away.  OF course I am talking about feminism.

I tried to leave this subject for a while and tackle the new cold war this week, but feminists barrage of bullying continues.  I am for equal rights on empirical evidence.  Not spin, lies, and emotion which is what feminism has become.

So.  What is Feminism?  This is one of the problems of today.  Feminism is hard to define in what it wants or does these days, but a dictionary definition explains that feminism is, “the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.”  In this difficult case of defining what Feminism actually is, we can see something similar happening in Russia with Vladistad Surkov and the “Non-Linear War.”  If you can’t define your enemy, then you can never predict them and beat them, so in this powerlessness, people become placid.   This is another topic for another day.

So what got my goat today was the “issue” with Kaely Cuoco-Sweeting.  In an interview she had mentioned she never considered herself a feminist because she had never faced inequality but understood how it paved the way for the equality she now has.

So a freethinking woman has come to the assumption that she has never experienced inequality toward her for being a woman, and she enjoys looking after her family.  How dare she!  She is pushing patriarchal living.  So I wonder what happened?

People began tweeting and writing pop articles on how she was disgraceful and her comments were anti feminist and blah blah blah!  So, she had to apologize for thinking for herself, I mean offending everyone.

So, what I don’t get is how can feminists attack a woman who is saying, mission accomplished (in the west), and I am free now to live how I want because of feminism?  That was a lie.  I do get it.  When an ideologue has achieved its goal, a lot of infighting happens due to new goals and ideas.  Ideas like the male population should be reduced to 10% or drinking male tears is not a bigoted thing to do.  Change male to black and you see my point.

So I think I am starting to make my position clear, I am anti-feminist as it stands today.  I will fight for women’s equality, but I will also fight for mens.  That is true equality.

In case you were unaware, Feminism apparently achieved a lot last year here’s a quick run down:

Tried to ban a word used on girls and BOYS when they are being bossy little shits.

Tried to attack gamers for playing games like GTA 5

Had some stores ban GTA 5 under false accusations

Pimped children out to sell t-shirts…… three times

Had an over privileged girl tell the UN women had no privilege

Attacked a Scientist for wearing a shirt his female friend made for him, ignoring the actual achievement

Shoved crucifixes up their asses

and farted out paintballs from their vaginas

Well done…

I know, 2015 will see more of this, and that is why I will be there to comment on how we no longer need feminism and how it has become a joke.  Apparently if you’re not a feminist, you are a bigot.  I get the opposite idea.  A fascist bigot will tell you what to think and will attack you until you have the same opinion.  Feminism in a nutshell.

Walter Liisberg